I Dyed My Knickers Pink (By Marian Clarke)

I Dyed My Knickers Pink I dyed my knickers pinkIn the washing machineIt could have been worseThey might have turned greenI never thought of puttingA colour catcher inAlong with the pink sheetsTogether in a spinAnd now my lovely drawersThat were so snowy whiteHave turned a dusky pinkAnd they look a real sightThis awful dreary shadeWon’tContinue reading “I Dyed My Knickers Pink (By Marian Clarke)”

50 Shades Of Grey (By Marian Clarke)

50 Shades Of Grey I’m trying to stay gingerBut now my hair is turningTo 50 shades of greyAnd no sign of Jamie DornanI’m all out of L’Oreal sprayTo hide those awful rootsHere in self isolationSo I can’t go down to BootsI want to jump the wallInto my next door neighborShe always does my hairFor yearsContinue reading “50 Shades Of Grey (By Marian Clarke)”

In The Year Of The Plaguey Plagues (By Roger Hudson)

In The Year Of The Plaguey Plagues This plaguey plagueWill go away.They say.But will it ?Or should it ? It crept upon us By dead of nightGave us a frightAnd scared us sillyAnd willy-nillyAnd muddle we mightWe try to fight backBy doing nothingBut sit indoorsAnd watch the tellyTell us storiesOf disease and deathAnd shortness of breathTillContinue reading “In The Year Of The Plaguey Plagues (By Roger Hudson)”

When This Is All Over (By Marian Clarke)

When This Is All Over When this is all over we will hug againWe’ll treasure moments with our friendsAppreciate the little thingsBeing outside and the joy it bringsWhen this is all overWe’ll be with family once moreGrandkids knocking at the doorShaking hands being closeThese are things that matter the mostWhen this is all overPeople buzzingContinue reading “When This Is All Over (By Marian Clarke)”