A Series of Six Chapbooks

Drogheda Creative Writers Publishes A Series of Six Chapbooks !


“I’m very impressed,” says Roger Hudson, of the Drogheda Creative Writers. “We applied for a grant from Create Louth last winter towards a series of chapbooks of work by previously unpublished members, though in some cases, long time writers.  We received partial funding, thankfully, and have still been able to print six 24-page booklets. They are all very striking and original, five are poetry collections and one is a selection of short stories.”

Varying from Marion Clarke’s both humorous and heartfelt reflections of life’s journey to Gerard Byrne’s creepy horror stories; from Cynthia Lourties’ (our one French member) fascination with the occult and the supernatural to the 10-Minute Musings of J.B. Stout, whose perceptive short poems were often knocked out during our fortnightly meetings, and the very different observations of life from Kevin Keogh and Brian Quinn and their equally different styles of experiment with wordplay and verse forms.  “All are surprisingly personal, open and honest making for powerful and moving reading,” added Roger. 

The team that worked on the project included Roger Hudson and Larry Staudt serving as 
Co-Editors; Larry Staudt also did the layout and overall book/cover design.  Will Guppy, our local illustrator, provided the engaging cover graphics and Dawn Staudt, also a DCW member, served as Project Administrator. Drogheda Creative Writers should be congratulated on this refusal to allow current restrictions to limit its creativity !

Online Launch – Friday, 4 December 
Covid restrictions prevented planning for a public book launch, so it was a virtual one on Zoom on Friday, the 4th of December at 7:30 PM.

Photo of the writers, taken by Dawn, on Zoom :

Books are available at Academy Books at Southgate Shopping Centre, Drogheda. 
They may also be ordered by contacting droghedacreativewriters2@gmail.com 

Chapbook Titles and Author Information

I Have Magic by Cynthia Lourties
About Cynthia Lourties – Cynthia is a French girl who has lived in Drogheda for three years now. She has written and published four books in French. She began writing when she was a child, winning five poetry competitions in France. She is still writing novels and short stories in French and she is also writing in English and trying to write little pieces of poems in Irish  

Tales of Terror in a Time of Dread by Gerard Byrne
About Gerard Byrne – Gerard began writing only six years ago following a life-changing event. Writing is of therapeutic value to him.He writes poetry and short stories and has written several novels. He had poems published in Drogheda Creative Writers The Book of the Trail, which was published for the 2019 Fleadh Cheoil in Drogheda.

Just for the L of It  
Love, Loss, Laughter, Lockdown, Life’s Treasures
 by Marian Clarke
About Marian Clarke – AKA Nana Mario has been writing poetry for about 10 years. She is a member of the Drogheda Creative Writers. She loves to write about life journeys and her grandchildren. This is reflected in the collection of poems in this book. 

10 Minute Musings by J.B. Stout
About J.B. Stout – J.B. Stout comes from Drogheda, Dublin, Waterford, with part of him in Cork, he tells us, too. One of DCW newest members, he’s been a regular member, since a friend sent him a link to Drogheda Creative Writers a couple of years ago. He draws inspiration from the other writers in the group – and of course, from his own life.

Looking In, Looking Out by Kevin Keogh
About Kevin Keogh – Stemming originally from good English teachers and Rap music, Kevin’s love for written and spoken word led him to explore lived human
experiences in his own words. His work delves into the ebbs and flows of life’s journey, looking in at his own experiences and looking out at others. Kevin is an active member of the Drogheda Creative Writers. ‘Looking In, Looking Out’ is his first published collection.

Where the Dust Lies by Brian Quinn 
About Brian Quinn – Brian started writing as a teenager, inspired by Simon and Garfunkel. He won his first poetry competition in the 80s in the Droichead Arts Centre. He has written or adapted a number of plays and has had poems published in previous DCW anthologies. He commands attention when he recites his poetry and is talented in the art of improvisation. Brian is also well known in Drogheda as an actor and director. 

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