50 Shades Of Grey (By Marian Clarke)

50 Shades Of Grey

I’m trying to stay ginger
But now my hair is turning
To 50 shades of grey
And no sign of Jamie Dornan
I’m all out of L’Oreal spray
To hide those awful roots
Here in self isolation
So I can’t go down to Boots
I want to jump the wall
Into my next door neighbor
She always does my hair
For years she’s been my saviour
But now I’m doing my own
For rollers I did rummage
I don’t look like myself
I’m more like Worzel Gummage
I’m staying in to wash my hair
Like I did years ago
Trying to embrace my look
As more roots begin to show
Perhaps the grey will suit me
Soon I’ll know for sure
But deep inside I will remain
A ginger to the core.

Marian Clarke

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