About us
Drogheda Creative Writers meets at Sarsfields Pub on the Cord Road in ‘The Living Room’ on the 2nd and 4th Monday evenings every month at 7.30. Every other month we hold an Open Mic with a guest writer. All writers and listeners are welcome !
Whatever the particular format might be on any given evening, there is always ample time for the lifeblood of the group : reading our work among ourselves. Amidst the praise and constructive comments of supportive fellow writers, both our writing and friendships bloom – and the craic is great !

History of Drogheda Creative Writers
A note found in our Drogheda Writes 2007 anthology refers to Nuala Early (RIP), “Who was a founding member of the writers’ group 19 years ago.” Before we found this, none of us were too sure just when the DCW originally started. But now we know it would have been 1988. No wonder we couldn’t remember ! A second anthology was printed in 2009, Drogheda Writes 2. Some members recall that in earlier years there was an annual literary competition and sometimes poetry slams. 
Eventually there were a few quiet years of nothing happening until September 2017 when Emer Davis and Roger Hudson decided to get DCW re-established. Emer was the one who first thought of the Poetry Trail idea for the 2018 Fleadh and got the grant for us from Create Louth to print the posters for it. Unfortunately, her work took her out of the country before all those yellow posters appeared in town ! A new committee was set up to execute the plans for the Fleadh and Roger was joined by Dermot O’Neil, Dawn Staudt, and eventually Marian Clarke. 
From here see the info for the 2018 Fleadh and the 2019 Fleadh !